Lady Gaga Debuts New Fame Trailer, Flashes Boobs in Monstervision Video

There’s lots of Lady Gaga visuals today. She dropped a new trailer for the upcoming short film based on her Fame fragrance and a recently uploaded episode of her Monstervision series finds her playing with her godson Zachary (dad is Elton John) and flashing her boobs while dancing with her mother on Christmas. Never a dull moment in Gagaville.

The 30-second Fame clip features Gaga with black lips and nails, running her dagger-ended fingers over someone’s dirt-caked cheek. It’s certainly building mystery for the film and there’s flashes of Gaga covered in both liquid gold and latex. Watch the first trailer here.

For Monstervision, Ma Monster narrates the footage in a Gaga guided tour. Doesn’t she look cute with those roses in her hair? The clips shows her holding Zachary (with nary a hair out of place) and looking quite maternal. It’s a role that suits her, but down the road, people! No Gaga babies yet.

She’s then dancing her face off with her mother on Christmas while being filmed by her sister Natali. At 1:21, she lifts up her loose black top several times and flashes the camera. So there’s a blurry shot of Gaga boobies! That part is NSFW people, even if the footage is grainy and not exactly clear.

Gaga also shared footage of the grueling rehearsal for the Jo Calederone performance of ‘You & I’ at the 2011 VMAs.

Watch Lady Gaga’s New Fame Trailer+ Flashes Boobs in Monstervision Video: enjoy


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